Den Freisinger Hof hören


Our Conservatory

A room to relax and celebrate

Sit back and slow down in our conservatory where time seems to stand still. The sunlight flooding in through the large glass front casts shadow patterns on the walls and the cosy sofas. In the evening, you are welcome in the conservatory to sip a glass of gin with lemon, rosemary and cucumber slice in front of the warm crackling fire while listening to your favourite music from an old turntable choosing from our extensive vinyl collection.

Instead of being served by a barkeeper, you can help yourself to as much as you like and mix yourself your favourite drink, on the rocks or neat, as you like it. Feel at home and indulge yourself to your heart's content at the Freisinger Hof Hotel.

Hotel Freisinger Hof

Restaurant Freisinger Hof