Relaxation in nature

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A Green Oasis

Enjoy the natural setting with lush trees, the foliage of which forms a protective canopy. Admire the beautiful sunset with its mix of warm red, orange, violet and yellow colours. The same colourful exuberance can be found in our garden which abounds with flowers. The enjoyment of the lovely scenery is enhanced by the gentle murmur of River Isar, which tenderly inspires a sense of peacefulness to the visitor. Settle down and indulge yourself with all kinds of delights. It is the genuineness, authenticity, beauty and charm of the place to make visitors feel comfortable and at home. All these features make our garden restaurant a place to unwind and to indulge oneself. Replenish your energy and treat yourself to invigorating moments. Enjoy your stay and your meal. Enjoy zest for life and conviviality.

Share the nature experience, freedom, enjoyment and contemplation.

However, the special restaurant garden feel sitting under the old trees and having a delicious meal accompanied by a fine drink is not limited to the warm summer months. Throughout the year, you can sit back in the conservatory of the 4 star Freisinger Hof Hotel sipping a cup of coffee or tea and taking in the stunning views.

Take a look at the menu of the Freisinger Hof Restaurant. Come and taste it for yourself.

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