Den Freisinger Hof hören

Leisurely treats


Bavarian and Austrian specialities in the restaurant of Freisinger Hof Hotel

We serve a wide range of mouth-watering dishes, including, for example, boiled beef tenderloin and veal from the free-range cattle as well as sorbet and "Crème brûlée" for the sweet-toothed guests. Based on local and international recipes, the head chef and his team create skilfully and with virtuosity harmonious and savoury culinary delights from fresh ingredients of the highest quality. The only thing that matters is that it tastes fine. The idea behind is: "Only the best input produces excellent output."

Unsere Rindfleischküche

Unsere Rindfleischküche
Schulterscherzel durchzogen besonders saftig
€ 26,50
Ochsenbrust saftig und durchzogen
€ 21,50
Weißes Scherzel mürbe und mager
€ 26,50
Rinderzunge gepökelt und gekocht
€ 26,00
Tafelspitz eine Wiener Legende
€ 28,00
Potpourie vom gemischten Ochsen
€ 29,00
Alle Gerichte werden im Kupfertopf mit Röstkartoffeln, Gemüse "Wiener Art", Apfelkren und Schnittlauchsauce serviert


Mixed leaf salads with scampi fried in garlic herb butter
€ 19,00
Small smoked black puddings with potato fritter, apple slices and roasted onions
€ 14,00
Carpaccio and Tatar of home pickled Scottish salmon
€ 17,50
Caramelized goat cheese on vineyard peaches and summer leaf salads


Bouillon of boiled beef with filling of the day
€ 7,50
Foam soup of Steyrian Pumkpin
€ 9,50

Main Dishes

Main Dishes
Carinthian organic pan fried chicken with potato-cucumbers salad
€ 21,50
Half farm duck fresh from the oven with potato dumplings, red cabbage and baked apple
€ 28,50
Simmentaler sirloin steak with onions baked potatoes and green beans wrapped in bacon
€ 27,50
Homemade pumpkin gnocchi with date tomatoes and baby spinach
€ 22,50
„Wiener Schnitzel“ of veal with parsley potatoes and Tiroler Cranberries
€ 27,50
Tuna steak and scampi on pumpkin and ginger risotto
€ 34,50
Centerpiece of Scottish salmon on colorful beets with mashed potatoes and horseradish sauce
€ 29,50


Pancakes with homemade apricot jam
€ 9,50
Tiramisu of Williams pear and cantuccini with warm Valrhona chcoolate
€ 11,50
Iced apricot dumplings with vanilla sauce
€ 12,50
Crème Brûlée with chocolate ice cream
€ 11,50
Variation of homemade sorbets
€ 9,00

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